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Becoming an ultrasound tech, or sonographer, only requires two to four years of school, making it relatively easy to break into this medical career, since many jobs in this industry require four to eight years of education. Just because you don’t have to go through as much schooling, however, doesn’t mean that your education will be inexpensive. Even getting just an associate’s degree in ultrasound technology can cost thousands of dollars.

One way to help pay for your schooling it to apply for ultrasound tech scholarships. Scholarships are given based on merit, so you can get a scholarship for your previous grades, talents in area of sports and music, or other skills. Some scholarships are given based on essay contests, while others are simply given to everyone who qualifies. No matter what kind of scholarships you’re offered, you don’t have to repay them after college like you do with loans.

You can find ultrasound tech scholarships from a number of sources. Start by looking at opportunities directly from your college. Most colleges, whether they are online or typical brick and mortar schools, offer scholarships to students who show promise in their field. Scholarships may also be available through your department, since some alumni designate donations of money to go to students studying in certain fields. Talk to both your financial aid office and your department chair to find out more about the scholarships available.

Many health-related organizations also offer scholarship opportunities for students studying ultrasound technology. Some of these are specifically for the pursuit of a career in sonography, while others can be applied to any educational path, as long as it is related to the health care industry. One of the main organizations offering scholarship money to students studying ultrasound technology is the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers Educational Foundation. This organization offers ultrasound scholarships to students attending accredited Allied Health Education Programs or Canadian Medical Association schools. Some organizations demand students meet certain requirements, so they may only give scholarships to applicants of certain races, ethnicities, or genders. Scholarships can also be based on financial need in some cases, though they aren’t the same as grants, which are based wholly on financially need.

Paying for ultrasound tech school can be a hardship if you don’t apply for scholarships and receive some to cover tuition, books, and other educations bills and living expenses. The key is to make sure that your application is professional. Follow the directions carefully, making sure to submit your scholarship application well before the deadline. You may also want to approach one of your teachers or a confidant to help you proofread your essay and cover letter so it is as strong as possible. Remember, every little bit helps, so apply to all scholarships you come across, as long as you meet the qualifications.

Top Online Ultra Sound Tech Colleges

Kaplan University
AAS in Medical Assisting
AAS in Health IT
Kaplan University — Kaplan University is among the largest accredited online schools, and their associate's degrees in medical assisting or in health information technology can help students start careers in health care. These degrees are not specifically geared toward training ultrasound technicians, and additional training may be needed to begin a diagnostic medical sonography career.
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