17 Fun and Useful Twitter Apps for Your Pregnancy

by admin on January 25, 2011

Pregnancy is an important time for your developing baby. As you look at an ultrasound of your unborn child, you might be struck with the idea of the importance of what takes place during pregnancy. Indeed, pregnancy is an important time, setting the stage for a healthy baby. If you take good care of yourself during pregnancy, your baby has a better chance of avoiding complications, and of being healthy in body and mind.

Technology today offers many opportunities to live healthier, during pregnancy and at other times. It also provides the chance to share. No matter your salary or education level, it is possible to use technology to enhance your pregnancy — and to share your joy with others. Twitter is one of the tools you can use. Here are 17 fun and useful Twitter apps for your pregnancy:


Make sure that you are taking good care of your baby and yourself. These Twitter apps can help you keep track of your weight, log your exercise and be accountable for your eating habits. Develop a healthy routine during pregnancy, and there will be a better chance for a healthy baby later on.

  1. Ugomo: This is a fitness Twitter app. You can track your pregnancy routine, and keep track of your weight throughout. Make sure that you have your fitness routine approved by your health care provider before you get started. But you can stay motivated — and healthy — with help from Ugomo.
  2. Weight Loss Charts: Part of a healthy pregnancy is healthy weight gain. It’s true that this Twitter app is called “Weight Loss Charts.” However, you can still use them to help you keep track of weight gain. Tweet your weight, and you can watch your progress. Use Weight Loss Charts to help you gain weight at a healthy rate — and slow down if you turn out to be gaining too quickly.
  3. Twittercize: Find simple exercises to do wherever you are. A good way to simply stay in shape. However, be warned that not all the exercises here are designed for pregnancy. Find out what should be a no-no before you do what you find on Twittercize.
  4. TweetBe.at: This list application can help you keep track of your appointments. If you have appointments with the health care provider, or if you are looking for a way to organize your Twitter lists and other aspects of your life.
  5. Tweet what you Eat: Be accountable for your diet choices during pregnancy. Great app will help you keep track of what you are eating and your calories. Go back through, and see what foods you need to improve on. This might include foods with folic acid to help your baby’s development!
  6. Inner Twitter: Take time to meditate. You can enhance your feeling of connection to the baby developing within in the help of mindfulness and meditation. Inner Twitter will help you pause, reflect and improve yourself.


These fun Twitter applications and resources allow you to create pregnancy tickers, as well as tweet information about your developing baby. Fun apps that can be used to share the joy, and keep your followers updated.

  1. Twackit: You can track anything using this cool Twitter app. Create a hashtag for your pregnancy, and then send the information you want. This can be the number of weeks you are along, or the estimated weight of the fetus, or any other interesting information about your pregnancy.
  2. Free Pregnancy Tickers: The Bump allows you to create different pregnancy tickers that can then be posted on Twitter. This will help you count down your pregnancy, and even includes your baby’s development. Customize your ticker for your Twitter account, and let your followers see what’s happening.
  3. Twitter Pregnancy Badges: Create a fun badge for your Twitter account. These Twitter badges come with code that you can use on your Twitter account. You can use them on your blog to direct people to your Twitter account. Fun badges that show that you are enjoying pregnancy.
  4. TwitPic: Share images with your Twitter followers. You can share ultrasound images of your developing baby, or you can show your growing baby bump. A great way to document your pregnancy using Twitter.
  5. Twoxit: This useful widget is great for putting on your blog. You can keep your status on your blog — and you can also enter tweets from the widget on your blog. A fun way to make sure that everyone is in the loop with your pregnancy.
  6. TwitVid: You can also share videos on Twitter. If you have an ultrasound that includes movement, this can be great for Twitvid. You can also make use of it to document you giving birth. As long as you don’t mind sharing with thousands of people.

Apps to Help You Post to Twitter

You can keep your followers up to date on the latest pregnancy happenings when you use these apps that actually help you post to Twitter. These apps might be for iPhone, Android or Facebook, but they will also get the information to Twitter. Socially integrate your pregnancy.

  1. BabyBump: This is for Palm, iPhone and Android. You can use it to find out what you want to know about being pregnant — and being healthy. You can use this application to share information with others around the world, including with the use of Twitter.
  2. iPregnancy: This application is for iPhone only. A great resource to help you keep up with appointments and track your progress. You can learn more about the biology of pregnancy. Integrates with Twitter so you can share.
  3. Pregnancy Countdown: This app helps you countdown your pregnancy. A fun and visual way to track your pregnancy progress. It comes with Facebook and Twitter integration for easy posting.
  4. BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today: Great app with helpful information for parents to be. Includes guided advice, as well as the ability to integrate with Twitter. Help your follows keep up with your pregnancy and share the joy.
  5. Pregnancy Companion: This is a helpful app that can keep you posted on what you should be doing to help your baby throughout pregnancy. Includes easy Twitter integration.

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