Top 50 Blogs for Eating and Cooking Healthy

by admin on June 21, 2010

There is no substitute for eating healthy, and putting good stuff into your body. Whether you are pregnant or not, healthy eating is an important of good health outcomes. You don’t have to be a health professional to know that it is important to eat a good diet. When you eat healthy, you are more likely to feel better, and to avoid a number of sicknesses and diseases. If you are interested in learning more about eating and cooking healthier meals, here are 50 great blogs — some of them are even written by people in health fields.

Proper Nutrition Blogs

Good nutritionThese blog can help you learn more about proper nutrition, providing foundational principles for eating healthy, and learning how to make better food choices.

  1. The U.S. government offers a helpful site with news headlines and tips on healthy eating.
  2. Nutrition Data: This is one of the best blogs out there for information about healthy eating and learning about good nutrition choices.
  3. Nutrition Blog: offers a helpful blog on eating and food choices.
  4. Nutrition and health eating: The Mayo Clinic offers information on nutritional eating and healthy food.
  5. Dina Khader Nutrition: Learn about how you can transform your body and health by making better food choices.
  6. The Health Blog: Get a good idea of healthy habits, and how proper eating is tied to health.
  7. Balanced Health and Nutrition: RD Rebecca Scritchfield offers a look into a balanced and healthy diet.
  8. Healthy Food & Healthy Living: Dr. Ayala takes you on a journey into the world of food, and encourages you to make better choices.
  9. Eat This, Not That: A great blog about what not to eat — and what choices are healthier.
  10. Dietriffic: Hints on healthy eating, and plenty of ideas that can help you improve your nutrition.
  11. Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Get the latest headlines in eating, food and good nutrition habits.
  12. Eat Stop Eat: An interesting blog about the nutritional value of fasting.
  13. ASN Blog: The American Society for Nutrition has its own blog, which tackles nutrition issues and offers insight into healthy eating.
  14. Cassandra Forsythe: This female fitness and nutrition scientist has good information on eating habits, and includes special information on pregnancy.
  15. Integrative Nutrition Blog: Learn more about food, nutrition and how it is related to other areas of life.
  16. I Ate a Pie: This is a great blog that reviews truly healthy diet foods to help you get on the right track.
  17. Laurel on Health Food: Learn more about healthy eating, healthy foods, and good nutrition.

Healthy Cooking Blogs

Healthy CookingLearn more about healthy cooking, and different ways that you can incorporate more healthful foods into your daily diet.

  1. Healthy Girl Cooking: Includes the adventures of a healthy girl, addresses some interesting issues in terms of health, and shares some recipes.
  2. Stephanie Cooks: Includes helpful product reviews for different cooking tools and ingredients, as well as healthy recipes.
  3. Cooking Light: Great information on cooking basics, tips, how-tos, eating smart and healthy living.
  4. Tips for Delicious and Healthy Cooking: This blog is full of good tips for healthy cooking, product reviews, and more.
  5. George Foreman Healthy Cooking Blog: Yes, it includes the George Foreman Grill type stuff. But it also shares great tips for eating healthy and making nutritious food.
  6. The Healthy Cooking Coach: Learn more about cooking healthy, and learn tips from a healthy chef.
  7. Cooking with Amy: Thoughts on food, cooking and life. And some recipes, too.
  8. What’s Cooking Blog: Interesting insight into cooking, cooking with your kids, and teaching proper nutrition.
  9. Healthy Cooking Magazine Editor’s Blog: A great blog from a magazine editor who shares thoughts on cooking and on life.
  10. Healthy Cooking Tips’s Blog: Tips on healthy cooking, on where our food comes from, and good recipes.
  11. Eating Well: Information on healthy eating, healthy cooking tips and more.
  12. Anton Health and Nutrition: Learn about making healthier choices, cooking healthy foods, and find good recipes to try on your own.
  13. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: An interesting blog about cooking in the country.
  14. Not Another Healthy Recipe Blog: Cooking tips, as well as healthy shopping and eating tips.

Fresh Foods and Natural Cooking Blogs

Fresh FoodLearn how to use fresh, natural ingredients in your meals. These blogs and the recipes on them will show you how you can live and eat healthier by getting back to what nature provides for us.

  1. Pinch My Salt: Blog that focuses on fresh foods, and cooking with fresh ingredients. Includes amazing food photography.
  2. The Ethicurean: A blog about ethical eating, and choosing to eat foods that aren’t as harmful to the environment and animals.
  3. We Like It Raw: A look at living a raw foods lifestyle.
  4. Goddess of the Garden: This raw food blog looks at what you can do with what comes out of your garden and discusses raw foods.
  5. Raw Food, Right Now!: Learn more about raw foods, how to cook them, and how to change your lifestyle.
  6. All Foods Natural: Get a handle on natural foods, and using them to cook healthier meals.
  7. MyRawFoodBlog: This blog is about the raw food lifestyle, and offers insights into raw food, mindful eating and cooking.
  8. Andrea’s easy vegan cooking: Learn vegan cooking skills, and more about the vegan lifestyle.
  9. FatFree Vegan Kitchen: Great vegan cooking tips and recipes.
  10. I Married an Omnivore!: This vegetarian shares cooking tips — and her adventures as the wife of an omnivore.
  11. The Post Punk Kitchen: Interesting posts on cooking for vegetarians and baking for vegans.

Healthy Recipe Blogs

Healthy RecipesLooking for good recipes for healthy foods? These recipe blogs focus on providing you with meals you can make yourself.

  1. Cheap Healthy Good: These are frugal recipes that you can use to make inexpensive and healthy food for your family.
  2. Healthy Cooking: A wide range of recipes for different healthy foods, including those for diabetics, gluten free and even healthy foods for those with cancer.
  3. unsweetened cocoa: Get a wide variety of healthy recipes.
  4. Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!: A blog devoted to vegan recipes for delicious meal.
  5. Gina offers some great Weight Watcher recipes that are healthy and delicious.
  6. Healthy and Easy Recipes: Who knew eating healthy could be so easy? Great recipes that are easy for almost anyone.
  7. Just Hungry: Great Japanese recipes for (mostly) healthy eating.
  8. Super Healthy Kids: Fun and healthy recipes that will get your kids eating healthy.

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