Top 25 Twitter Apps for Health and Fitness Nuts

by admin on October 31, 2010

You do not have to be working in a health care profession in order to appreciate the importance of healthy living. However, no matter your education level or job, it can be difficult to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. As life becomes busier, it is harder and harder to stay on top of things. The good news is that there are ways to receive encouragement and help in your efforts to live healthier.

Technology has opened the door to a number of tools and applications that can help you enhance your health. Twitter is one of these. While Twitter provides a great way to keep in touch, there are also a number of useful applications — including those for health and fitness. Here are 25 great Twitter apps that can help you with your health and fitness goals:


Get in shape with these great fitness Twitter apps. Exercise is an important part of your health, and Twitter can help you increase your fitness.

  1. TweetaRun: This fun app is a social exercise Twitter experience. The idea is that you can tweet what you are doing in terms of running, and encourage others. And, of course, you can receive encouragement in return.
  2. dailymile: Log your training. This is especially great for those training for a triathlon, or for cyclists and runners. Also works for swimmers. You can tweet your mileage, and your time. A great way to connect with others, and watch how your mileage adds to the total.
  3. Ugomo: Share your workouts, and get feedback. This awesome Twitter app will also help you track your progress by providing charts and summaries. Use Twitter to help you exercise more.
  4. Twiike: If you have a Nike username and you are using syncing tools, you can automatically share your work out information on Twitter.
  5. gtFtr: Use this great Twitter app to increase your fitness, and share information about what you are up to. A great way to track your fitness, and to share your experiences with your social media friends. Stay motivated with help from others.
  6. TwunLog: For runners, this log is a great way to keep track of your own runs, and your progress. You can then compare it with other people that you follow on Twitter.
  7. TrainingTwits: This training application is a great way to log workouts and track your progress. Watch your fitness improve.
  8. TweetMyTime: Stay motivated as you train for a race using this Twitter app. A great way to share your progress and connect with others who are training for races.
  9. Twittercize: Blog Salad offers a connection to Twittercize. If you are interested in getting quick, one-minute workouts, Twitter can help.


Keep yourself honest about what you are eating, and get helpful tips, with a little help from these nutrition Twitter apps.

  1. FoodFeed: Keep yourself honest by tweeting what you eat. Let others know what you have been eating, and see what others are eating. A great way to get healthy ideas.
  2. Twiddish: Post photos and short reviews of dishes when you eat out. A fun way to focus on food. Can get on iPhone.
  3. Tweet what you eat: Keep your food diary using this helpful Twitter app. Helps you see just what you are eating, so that you can review your calorie intake, and see where you could make changes.
  4. Wheel of Yum!: Awesome Twitter app that helps you decide what to eat. Get randomized suggestions for what to eat. Add your own restaurants and options, including healthy options.
  5. This Twitter app is all about looking at pictures of food. Share your food choices, and make the decisions to eat better — and inspire others with your delicious and healthy choices.

Weight Loss

If you have a weight loss goal, these great apps can help you reach it, helping you live a healthier life.

  1. Twackit: You can keep track of different metrics over time — including your weight. Stay motivated and document your progress with charts and graphs.
  2. w8track: You can use this great Twitter app to help you keep track of your weight, and be inspired by your progress.
  3. This is a global weight loss game that allows you to tweet your weight and compare to others.
  4. ShouldBet: Create fun challenges and tweet them. A great way to challenge yourself and your friends to better weight loss. Fun way to stay motivated and find support.
  5. Weight Loss Charts: A great way to keep track of your weight loss. See charts that show you, simply, what your progress is.
  6. TweetPlot: This great tool can be used to keep track of your weight — or any other information you are interested in. You can keep track of calories and exercise as well, figuring out how all these things intersect to help you lose weight.

Mind and Emotion

Your mental health and emotional state are important to your overall health. These Twitter apps can help keep you healthy in this way.

  1. ASKch: A great way to get more health information. Find out about prescription costs in your area, and learn more about your own health.  Get fast answers to your pressing health questions.
  2. TweetPsych: Find out more about yourself. Be analyzed by TweetPsych and learn about what you might change to improve your outlook on life.
  3. Inner Twitter: A fun way to help you meditate and refocuses. The idea is to catch your attention in a gentle way. You stop what you are doing when you hear the chime. Then you focus on breathing, and engage in a mini-meditation. A good way to relieve stress during the day.
  4. Meditation Twibe: Find helpful tips on meditation, and get insights into how you can increase your effectiveness in this area. A great way to find your spiritual center, as well as to relieve stress and open your mind.
  5. This organization tool can help you boost your productivity and reduce your stress. A great way to create and manage Twitter lists. If you are a power user in need of a little more organization, this Twitter app is for you.

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