Pregnancy How-Tos, FAQs, and Answers: 25 Free, Essential Web sites

by admin on March 17, 2010

Pregnancy is an exciting time. But, no matter your education, profession or salary, it can also be a time of uncertainty. Your body is going through a great many changes, and, of course you have a life growing inside of you. As a result, it is perfectly natural to look for whatever information you can find on the subject of pregnancy — especially having a healthy pregnancy.

You want you and your baby to have the best chance possible. This means that it is a good idea to look for quality information about pregnancy. The good news is that there is plenty of free, reliable information online. It is important to realize, though, that no information online can substitute the first-hand knowledge of a competent health professional during pregnancy. You should make sure to consult regularly with your health care professional throughout. But to help you figure out the basics, and come up with the right questions to ask, here are 25 places you can turn for pregnancy answers:

General Information on Pregnancy

These web sites are great places to start when you are looking for comprehensive information about pregnancy. They have plenty of information on pregnancy, and they make good references if you are looking for general answers to most pregnancy questions:Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Pregnancy Center: This site from WebMD offers information about pregnancy from beginning to end. Read the latest news, find due date calculators and get tips for healthy living while pregnant.
  2. Pregnancy: MedlinePlus: The National Institutes of Health offer this resource for pregnancy. Searchable information provides tips on nutrition, fetal development, and news. Learn about the most important things to do during pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy & Childbirth: Learn about development, your body, and how you can stay healthy throughout pregnancy with this site. Includes helpful signs of pregnancy, and tips on a number of other pregnancy related subjects.
  4. Pregnancy: This portal from BabyCenter offers a week by week calendar to track development, as well as interesting information on your body’s changes during pregnancy, how to be healthy and even baby names.
  5. Read interesting articles, see checklists and get helpful information on what to do about different issues that can arise during pregnancy.
  6. What to Expect: Web site for the famous book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. A great resource for a number of articles on pregnancy, as well as issues that are likely to affect you.
  7. American Pregnancy Association: Learn about wellness — body, mind and spirit — from this site. Due date calculators, paternity testing, development and information on finding a health professional are all provided on this site.
  8. Pregnancy Information: This portal from offers guides, news and helpful information on pregnancy, what to expect and other issues that might be of concern.

Pregnancy FAQs

Do you have questions about pregnancy? These frequently asked questions can provide answers so that you can have a little more peace of mind, as well as help you learn more about fetal development at various points during the pregnancy.Prenatal Development

  1. Pregnancy Stages: offers helpful information, answering questions about what happens at each stage of pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy FAQs: This handy FAQ sheet from Discovery Health can provide you with answers to some of the health questions you might have about being pregnant.
  3. Pregnancy Precautions: FAQs: KidsHealth provides this helpful look at pregnancy, what happens, and answers common concerns about the condition.
  4. FAQ’s About Pregnancy: Dr. Daniel Pesavento, and OB-GYN, offers a look at common questions about pregnancy, including whether or not you can drink caffeine, what to do if you have allergies, and common questions about weight gain.
  5. Pregnancy FAQ’s: This list from offers helpful information related to diet and exercise, helping answer questions about what is safe for you to do while pregnant.
  6. High-risk pregnancy: This is provided by, and provides insights into what it’s like to have a high-risk pregnancy, and what you can do about it.
  7. Natural Remedies during Pregnancy FAQ: offers this helpful FAQ that provides natural remedies for common pregnancy complaints.
  8. FAQ’s: Homebirth: Read up on homebirth if you are interested in the process. This is written by a midwife who specializes in homebirth.

Pregnancy Tips and How-Tos

Learn how to take better care of yourself so that you have a healthy pregnancy with some help from these sites, which offer how-tos and tips on a variety of subjects related to pregnancy.Pregnant Woman

  1. ABC’s…Pregnancy Tips (A-Z): You can get some great tips on having a better, healthier pregnancy from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These tips show you how to take good care of yourself and your developing baby.
  2. Pregnancy Tips: Mama’s Health offers some great tips on pregnancy, as well as information on what questions to ask your health care provider, and tips on how to cope with the changes that come during pregnancy.
  3. Parenting tips on pregnancy, newborns, and infants: This site from ParentTime offers some good tips on pregnancy, from shopping for maternity clothes to remedies for common pregnancy related ailments.
  4. Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts – The Do’s: These helpful pregnancy tips come from The pregnancy tips on this site are designed to provide men with the information they need to help their partners have a healthy pregnancy.
  5. Eating Right During Pregnancy: The American Dietetic Association offers this helpful guide on how to eat right during pregnancy. Includes the different nutrients you need, and how to get them, as well as suggestions for the best foods to eat during this time.
  6. How to Exercise During Pregnancy: This is a helpful how-to provided by HowStuffWorks. Offers great insight into what you can do to make sure that your physical activity remains safe for your developing fetus.
  7. Practicing Yoga During Pregnancy: Learn how to adapt your yoga practice for your condition. Helpful information on prenatal poses, and what to avoid.
  8. Pregnancy weight gain: What’s healthy?: The Mayo Clinic offers helpful information on healthy weight gain during pregnancy. Learn how you can promote healthy weight gain while you are pregnant.
  9. Preparing for a Natural Birth: This resource provides helpful information that you can use during pregnancy to help you prepare for natural childbirth, if that is the path that you choose.

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