50 Free YouTube Videos to Learn More About Pregancy

by admin on September 14, 2010

One of the most interesting and joyful times in a woman’s life is often pregnancy. When you go see the ultrasound tech to get an image of the life growing inside you, it can be a truly moving experience. No matter your age, education or walk in life, you might find that you enjoy learning more about the life inside you. However, it is also important to note that sometimes pregnancy is difficult and uncomfortable. Being prepared for pregnancy, and understanding the realities is important. Here are 50 helpful YouTube videos that can help you better the changes your body is going through:


Learn about how the baby develops during pregnancy, and understand the changes that your body is likely to experience.

  1. Pregnancy: Weeks 1-4 (Month #1): A helpful video on getting pregnant, and what happens during the first month of pregnancy. You probably won’t even know you’re pregnant during this time!
  2. Pregnancy: Weeks 5-8 (Month #2): A look at the 2nd month of pregnancy. Also includes some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy.
  3. Pregnancy Weeks 9-12 (Month #3): Learn about what’s normal for pregnancy during this month. Addresses the size of your baby, and its rapid growth.
  4. Pregnancy Weeks 13-16 (Month #4): Find out what to expect when it comes to your 2nd trimester, and how your baby develops.
  5. Pregnancy Weeks 17-20 (Month #5): You’re getting toward the halfway point in your pregnancy, and you can see how your baby should develop — and how your body is changing.
  6. Fetal Development Week 21: An interesting look at how your baby is starting to develop areas of self-reliance.
  7. Fetal Development Week 30: Skip ahead to see how things are going with your baby — and recognize how he or she is beginning to look more human, and even interacting a little bit.
  8. Fetal Development Week 35: You’re getting closer, and this video gives you some insight into development and see how most of the development is complete. Get ready for some weight gain for the baby.
  9. Why the Last Weeks of Pregnancy Count: An interesting look at the importance of your final month of pregnancy.
  10. The Stages of Pregnancy: Learn about pregnancy as it is divided into three stages. A helpful video that breaks it down for you.
  11. Stages of Pregnancy: Week One to Week Forty: A slideshow that takes through you the different fetal developments during pregnancy, week by week.

Possible Problems

These videos address the possible problems that can result during pregnancy, and how you can deal with them.

  1. Diabetes During Pregnancy: What is Gestational Diabetes?: Learn more about gestational diabetes, and how you you can keep things under control.
  2. Gestational Hypertension and Preeclampsia: A look at some of issues related to high blood pressure, and how it can affect your pregnancy.
  3. Toxoplasmosis: A look at how the way you interact with animals can affect your pregnancy.
  4. High Risk Pregnancy: An overview of some of the high risk issues that can come with pregnancy.
  5. Managing High-Risk Pregnancy: A look at some tips of how to manage a high-risk pregnancy.
  6. What are frequent problems during pregnancy? Which ones are “normal”?: A look at frequent problems that can arise during problems.
  7. The Risk of High Order Multiples: A look at the risks that can come with multiples birth.
  8. Problems with Delivery: This helpful video offers some insights about some of the complications during delivery.


Getting proper nutrition during pregnancy is vital for your health — and for the health of your unborn child. Learn more about proper nutrition with these videos.

  1. Pregnancy Nutrition: A look at nutrition during pregnancy, and how you can eat better during pregnancy.
  2. Eating Seafood While Pregnant: Get an idea of the issues associated with eating seafood during pregnancy.
  3. Safe Food for Pregnancy: Here are some safe foods that you can eat during pregnancy, and the best foods to eat for your health — and your baby’s health.
  4. Pregnancy: Foods to Be Cautious With: Watch out for these foods that might cause problems when eaten in large quantities.
  5. Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy: Here are some foods you really should not eat while you are pregnant.
  6. Eating for a Health Pregnancy: Some great tips on healthy eating during pregnancy, for your sake and the baby’s.
  7. Prenatal Vitamins: A helpful look at when to take prenatal vitamins, and what to look for in a good prenatal vitamin.
  8. Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby: Health Food Choices: A great video on how health food choices in pregnancy can lead to a healthier baby.


You can ensure that you remain healthy and strong throughout pregnancy by exercising appropriately. (Some women can’t exercise due to complications.) Here are some videos that can help you enjoy physical activity during pregnancy.

  1. How to exercise while pregnant: This is a helpful video about how to exercise during pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy Tips: How to Exercise During Pregnancy: A look at how to safely exercise during pregnancy.
  3. Back Pain during Pregnancy: A brief video that can help you do an exercise that can help ease back pain.
  4. Pregnancy Exercise – Warm Up: A great warm up that you can use to warm up before exercising during pregnancy.
  5. Workouts To Avoid When Pregnant: Don’t do these things while pregnancy. Make sure you are exercising safely.
  6. Prenatal Yoga Exercise with Debra Geymayr: Great video with some prenatal yoga moves that you can do.
  7. Exercise and Pregnancy: Learn more about the things you should consider when exercising while pregnant.
  8. Prenatal Exercise: A look at some of the exercises you can do while pregnant, without neglecting different areas of the body.


Relieving stress, dealing with emotions, and finding spiritual renewal are often necessary during pregnancy. Here are some things that can help you deal with some of the emotions and stresses that come with pregnancy.

  1. Emotions and Pregnancy: Addresses some of the emotions you are likely to feel during pregnancy.
  2. Pregnancy Meditation: Learn how to meditate during pregnancy with a little help from this soothing sound.
  3. Balance Your Emotions: A helpful look at how you can balance your emotions.
  4. Pregnancy Massage Primer with Carole Osborne: Safety concerns associated with massaging a pregnant woman.
  5. Prenatal Massage: A helpful look at the benefits of prenatal massage — the importance of having it done properly.
  6. Flying During Pregnancy: Things to know about flying during pregnancy, and how you can minimize discomfort.
  7. Prenatal Yoga: Meditation & Breathing: Helps you with relaxation and spiritual renewal during pregnancy.


Just because you have given birth, and the pregnancy is over, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need help and good information. Here are a few videos that can help you with what happens post-pregnancy.

  1. Postpartum Emotions: Looks at emotions after pregnancy is over.
  2. Postpartum Depression: What You Need to Know: A look at what you should understand about postpartum depression.
  3. How to Detect the Sympoms of Postpartum Depression: A look at what indicates postpartum depression.
  4. Postpartum Depression Prevention: An interesting look at a naturopathic way of preventing postpartum depression. Some parts (eating part of your placenta) are not for the faint of heart, though, and some may not agree with the concepts.
  5. Postpartum Depression in Men: Interestingly, men can feel postpartum depression as well. Learn about how it works.
  6. Postpartum Exercises: Learn some exercises you can do after pregnancy.
  7. Postpartum Recovery Exercises: Simple exercises to help you prepare for more exercise later.
  8. Postpartum Yoga with Shiva Rea: Gentle yoga exercises meant to help you recover from giving birth.

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