Top 50 Blogs for a Healthy Pregnancy

by Ultra Healthy Gal on November 10, 2009

What does it take to have a healthy pregnancy? If you’re ready for advice, online community support, first-hand experiences and more, then this list of the top fifty blogs for a healthy pregnancy is for you. You can find advice about health, fitness, labor, breastfeeding and advocacy, all designed to help you to stay healthy both physically and mentally through conception and beyond.

The following list is comprised of blogs that have been updated within the past four to six weeks, and they are divided into categories. Each link is listed in alphabetical order within those categories to show that we do not favor one blog over another.

From Conception to Mamahood

  1. BabyCenter: This site can take you and your child from conception to high school, so plan to stick around for a few years if you join this community.
  2. Fit Pregnancy: Enjoy community and articles on topics such as pregnancy, your baby and your new life.
  3. Healthy Moms: This site focuses on providing helpful information, tips and personal experiences about fitness, safety, pregnancy, parenting and a wider variety of women’s issues.
  4. Pregnancy & Baby: Learn about news updates and products from the blog, but use the rest of the site for pertinent information on everything from fertility to breastfeeding.
  5. The Pregnancy Zone: This community blog tackles the usual pregnancy issues, but also talks about mental and physical health topics.
  6. What to Expect: This community blog spot provides first-hand experiences as well as expert advice from preconception to toddlers, all supported by The What to Expect Foundation.

Fertility and Infertility Blogs

  1. A Little Pregnant: Read experiences offered by a woman who conceived her son after four rounds of IVF. Along the way, she and her husband experienced an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage.
  2. FertilityBlogs: Although this is more of a community site, it belongs in this category for its direct focus on fertility and infertility issues.
  3. Green Fertility: Just say “no” to the “pharma-medico-industrial-baby complex and discovering the possibilities afforded by focusing on wellness of self and earth” with this blog.
  4. Infertility Blog: Dr. Licciardi offers his perspective on this topic from his expertise in this field.
  5. Infertility Warrior Blog: Visit this blog for personal experiences, news, celebrities and products related to infertility.
  6. Stirrup Queens: If you want a sense of history and personal insight into one woman’s quest for fertility, then make a point to visit this blog.

Pregnancy and Parenting Advice

  1. 40 Weeks: This blog is written for women who want a happier and healthier pregnancy.
  2. Baby News: This blog delivers “everything but the baby” in an effort to inform new parents about new products from a commercial perspective.
  3. Baby Toolkit: Use this blog as a source of parenting tips, tactics and advice on gear from a geek’s perspective.
  4. Gagazine: This site began as a tribute from a mom to her son and has grown into a monthly newsletter filled with parenting tips for new parents.
  5. More4Kids: This pregnancy section at More4Kids offers health, safety and weight control advice among many other topics that cover the gamut from conception and beyond.
  6. Pregnancy Advice: This blog is provided by, a site that focuses on healthy and energized families.
  7. Pregnancy Glee: This blog offers information about preconception, pregnancy and parenthood.
  8. Safe Mama: SafeMama should serve mothers, fathers and all parents as a resource to find information to help them protect their kids.
  9. The Green Baby Guide: Learn the secrets behind a greener pregnancy and parenthood, including insider secrets about cloth diapering, home-blended baby food, and hunting for secondhand gear.

Pregnancy News and Issues

  1. Babyfruit: The Miscarriage Blog and Motherhood Diaries: This blog formerly focused on miscarriage, but now has expanded to pregnancy, pumping breast milk, postpartum depression and more.
  2. Genetic Testing: Carrie A. Zabel, M.S., C.G.C., offers advice on genetic testing from the Mayo Clinic site. Follow tabs at the top to learn more about genetic testing basics and other resources.
  3. National Advocates for Pregnant Women: National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW) seeks to protect the rights and human dignity of all women, particularly pregnant and parenting women and those who are most vulnerable including low income women, women of color, and drug-using women.
  4. Postpartum Progress: This blog is aimed at women who suffer from postpartum depression and to the professionals who care for them.
  5. Pregnancy Weekly Blog: This blog is an extension of the Pregnancy Weekly journal tool. This blog offers news and insights into pregnancy issues such as smoking, antibiotic usage and more.
  6. So, I’m Going to Be a Mom: Learn about one “older” mom’s journey into pregnancy and beyond.
  7. The Baby Bump Project: Dr. Meredith Nash’s current research focuses on pregnant body image, celebrity pregnancy and motherhood.
  8. The Postpartum Stress Center: This blog focuses on prenatal and postpartum depression/anxiety for women and their families – and for the clinicians who treat them.

Pregnancy Fitness

  1. Baby Bump Fitness: Join this fitness trainer as she shares her fitness program – one that she built during her pregnancy and recovery from a difficult delivery.
  2. Prenancy Fitness: Learn safe exercises and healthy eating ideas through this pregnancy fitness blog.
  3. Prenatal Yoga: Follow this blog, totally devoted to prenatal fitness, if you want to use yoga to stay in shape and to prepare for labor and delivery.
  4. Shape up your Bump: Use Vicky Warr’s top prenatal exercise tips for a toned pregnant body.
  5. The Nine Month Club: Are you tired of using your brain? Then, switch to using your body as you relieve stress by maintaining a healthy and fit pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery Blogs

  1. 10 Centimeters and Beyond: A wife, mother and nurse writes about her journeys through miscarriage, pregnancy and her experiences as a night shift labor and delivery nurse.
  2. Hypnobirthing Blog: Katharine Graves is a mother and the teacher at The HypnoBirthing Centre, and holds classes in London and Southern England helping women achieve a more natural and comfortable child birth.
  3. PushedBirth: A pushed birth is one that is induced, sped up, and/or heavily medicated, and all too often concludes with surgery, invasive instruments, an episiotomy, or a bad vaginal tear. Learn more about this birthing issue at this blog.
  4. Sarahthedoula: Sarah is a birth doula who presents stories about birthing and healthy birth.
  5. Stand and Deliver: Although this blog is about pregnancy, birth and mothering, the emphasis is on both planned unassisted births and midwife-attended home births.
  6. The Birth Book Blog: Tina Cassidy is a journalist and author of Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born. Her blog reflects that book and her personal life as a mother.
  7. The LaborPayne Epistles: A wife, mom, nurse, writer, poet, lactivist and birth activist (all rolled into one package) writers about her healthy delivery advocacy.

Breastfeeding Blogs

  1. Best for Babies: BFB is doing for breastfeeding what the 1991 Demi Moore/Vanity Fair cover did for maternity; creating a cultural shift in the way we view and support breastfeeding.
  2. Breastfeeding 1-2-3: Blisstree devotes an entire column to breastfeeding, providing tips, news and information about the who, what, when, where, how and why on this topic.
  3. Breastfeeding Blog: Although a commercial site for Motherwear’s apparel, this blog has lots of great advice for breastfeeding moms.
  4. The Soft Landing: If you would prefer to keep your baby and growing children away from toxins, then this blog can introduce you how to BPA, PVC and Phthtalae-free products for safer eating.

Personal Pregnancy Blogs

  1. BellyItch: Visit this blog for updates on colorful babies, pregnancies, tips, celebrities and more.
  2. From Dates to Diapers: In addition to being a mom, wife, laundry-hater, dish-washer, and boogie-wiper, Christine loves to connect with other moms, and she offers one venue here on a blog that goes from…well, from dates to diapers.
  3. His Boys Can Swim! Jane and Tarzan chronicle their lives before and after the introduction of their new little “monkey.”
  4. Mama’s Secret Pregnant Blog: Learn more about this blogger’s three separate pregnancies as she shares her experiences.
  5. My Lovely Lady Bump: Visit this blog to learn more about this couple’s healthy pregnancy and new baby.

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