25 Most Bizarre (But Real) X-Rays

by admin on December 20, 2009

Medical technology offers us fascinating insights into the body, and into what is happening inside of us. The use of x-rays is rather commonplace these days, as they are used to see what is inside a person, and help medical professionals work out the best way to solve the problem. You’d be surprised, though, at the bizarre situations that many find themselves in. Here are 25 of the most bizarre — but real — x-rays available:

  1. a330_x4Keys reach infant’s brain: Nicholas Holderman fell on top of some keys as a 17 month old. The keys went through his eyelid, and even penetrated his brain. However, the boy made a complete recovery; his eyeball wasn’t even ruptured as specialists originally thought.
  2. Steel balls and magnets in girl’s stomach: Haley Lents, an eight year old girl, swallowed 30 magnets and steel balls from a Magentix set. The x-ray shows the steel balls in her intestines. The magnets reconnected to each other, ripping holes in her intestine. She is lucky to have survived the ordeal.
  3. Python swallows electric blanket: A 12 foot Burmese python in Ketchum, Idaho swallowed an entire queen sized electric blanket. The x-rays showed the electrical wires and control box, and surgeons were able to use the x-ray to sort out a strategy to surgically remove the blanket. It is possible to see the cords throughout eight feet of the digestive tract.
  4. Dog swallows rubber duck: When a dog swallowed a rubber duck, the x-ray shows the bath toy clearly. Ozzie, a Staffordshire terrier, was fighting with another dog over the toy and inadvertently swallowed it.
  5. a330_x6Soda bottle up the anus: Apparently, thieves in Pakistan are seriously hard core. This x-ray was taken at a hospital in Multan, Pakistan. An elderly man came in an complained that thieves had rammed a soda bottle into his anus and then stolen two buffalo.
  6. Toothache caused by nail: Ouch! Patrick Lawler when to his dentist in Littleton, Colorado, complaining of a toothache. He felt the pain was coming from the roof of his mouth — and no wonder: When an x-ray was taken, it showed that there was a four inch nail embedded in his skull, the result of a backfiring nail gun in an accident six days previously.
  7. Massive kidney stone: The world’s largest kidney stone was shone in an x-ray previous to its being removed in Hungary. The stone was 17 centimeters in diameter, and weighed two and a half pounds.
  8. Bath tap in the eye: Yi Zhou slipped in the bath and impaled himself in the eye. The tap got stuck in there — along with 16 inches of pipework. The x-ray shows the tap embedded fairly solidly in the eye. Worst of all, the patient ended up pulling it out himself, since surgeons were taking too long to send for the plumber.
  9. Nail lodged in man’s head: In another case of a nail being lodged unwittingly in a man’s head, doctors in Seoul, South Korea used an x-ray to determine the source of a severe headache. Apparently, the man had had the five centimeter long nail stuck in his head for four years.
  10. article-0-02D8FEE300000578-419_468x450Five inch knife stuck in teen’s head: This x-ray shows a five inch knife that stuck in a 15 year old’s head as he tried to thwart a robbery. The kitchen knife was plunged into his head. Rather than trying to remove the knife on the scene, he was rushed to the hospital in his current state — which probably accounts for the fact that he survived.
  11. Shot in the head with an arrow: Boys will be boys, shooting each other with 16 inch arrows. While playing around with his friend, an 11 year old boy was shot through the eye socket with an arrow. The x-ray shows the arrow going all the way to the back of the skull. Amazingly, he avoided sustaining a brain injury.
  12. Cell phone in lower intestine: One of the oldest tricks for smuggling is by inserting it a body cavity. An x-ray shows a cell phone lodged in one man’s lower intestine. Apparently, the man is a member of the Mara Salvatrucha street gang in El Salvador. He is one of four prisoners caught trying to smuggle a number of items this way, including spare chips and a charger.
  13. Saint Bernard swallows serrated knife: A six month old Saint Bernard puppy swallowed a 13 inch knife in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She had to endure having the blade stuck between her stomach and esophagus for four days before it was surgically removed.
  14. Cobblestones in stomach: An angry Chinese woman swallowed 20 cobblestones during a fight with her boyfriend. The x-ray shows the stones, solidly in place in the stomach. The woman complained that they hadn’t passed as she expected them to, and were instead knocking around in her stomach.
  15. 266023-pythonPython swallows kitten: This x-ray shows a kitten inside the body of a six foot carpet python. The kitten’s skull was larger than the python, but that didn’t stop the snake. It simply unhinged its jaw in order to swallow the hapless kitty.
  16. Python swallows golf balls: It appears that snakes will eat just about anything. Vets assume that a python mistook golf balls for eggs and swallowed them. The four balls can be seen in an x-ray, neatly lined up inside the pythons digestive tract.
  17. Swallowing scissors: Kong Lin was using his scissors in place of a toothpick when his friend made him laugh at a funny joke. As a result, he swallowed the scissors, resulting in an amazing x-ray that shows the cutting tool stuck in his throat.
  18. Bullet in the head: After headaches dating back from Japanese invasion of China during World War II, Jin Guangying finally went in to see the doctor, tiring of the fact that herbal medicines didn’t seem to help. And no wonder! The x-ray showed that she had a bullet in her brain.
  19. Engagement ring in milkshake: As a creative way to propose, Reed Harris hid an engagement ring in a milkshake. However, his girlfriend, Kaitlin Whipple, enjoyed the entire treat without finding the ring — it ended up in her stomach! Whipple didn’t believe she had eaten the ring until she saw the x-ray evidence.
  20. c4992-134 nails in the head: This story, unfortunately, has a tragic ending. Chen Liu was found dead in Sydney, Australia. The x-ray showed that he had been shot in the head 34 times with a nail gun.
  21. Pencil in the brain: When she was four years old, Margaret Wegner fell on a pencil and it went up her nose. For years, the technology did not exist to remove the pencil, but after an x-ray showed its position, and medical capabilities improved, she has since had most of the pencil removed. Only a small portion remains, which was too grown over with nerves to be taken out.
  22. Needles throughout the body: An x-ray revealed that Luo Cuifen had 26 needles embedded throughout her body after she came in complaining that there was urine in her blood. Needles were found in places that affected her brain, lungs, kidneys and other organs. It is assumed her grandparents inserted the needles into her body while she was a baby in an effort to kill her so that a baby boy could be born in accordance with China’s one child policy.
  23. Bed spring in stomach: One prisoner ate a bed spring so that he could take a trip to the hospital and get out of jail for a few hours. His perfidy was discovered when an x-ray was taken in response to his complaints of a stomach ache.
  24. PVC body part replacements: X-rays taken of a dead body show that some of the parts had been replaced with PVC pipe as part of an illegal harvesting ring.
  25. Man smuggling snakes: A man was caught trying to smuggle snakes out of Australia when his bag was screened. The x-ray of the suitcase shows 44 snakes and lizards writhing around, awaiting transport to Thailand.

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